Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pirate skull and crossbones T-shirt

This is Zach's new shirt I made for him. In light of my recent post on Etsy custom made, I decided to list a custom listing for this shirt, meaning that the buyer chooses the size and I make it custom for the child. That is a little bit harder for me as it disrupts my flow of work honestly, but we will see if that would be a hit. Kids are a lot easier to fit than adults, especially women, but certainly there are fitting challenges for children too so I'm offering custom work with photos of one already completed.

The fabric by the way is a reversible knit. The sleeves with the black and white print are the backside of the skull/crossbones. What a fun fabric to work with. I see Sewzanne has this fabric by the way if anyone is interested. I'll give her a plug as she has fantastic customer service: http://www.sewzannesfabrics.com/Sewzanne's Fabrics

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