Thursday, June 07, 2007

Finished another top - sewing

I don't divide my sewing from my regular blog, so I'll just post here. I finished another maternity top today, Simplicity 4584. I posted a pattern review at for anyone particularly interested in the details. With my maternity wardrobe dating back nearly six years now to my pregnancy with Zach, it needed some updated and some weeding out of worn out items. I made a new halter-type top this week adn am pretty pleased with the results. It should be quite comfortable for this summer into fall.

I'm not experienced at all at posting photos but I will try to here:

I really enjoy sewing some items for myself this pregnancy. The ones in Motherhood Maternity and so forth are overpriced and fit poorly anyway. This is one case when sewing for myself really does save money! Plus, it is easier to find a fabric I like on the bolt than find a ready made top with a print I like in my size and price range. ;)

Now I'm trying to decide on a new project - hmmm, either another item for me or one for the boys probably. Time to look through patterns and see what calls out to me.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm back!

After a looonnngg hiatus from (using, I'm back. I like the community setting over there, all homeschoolers; however, after a week of not being able to log in after a server upgrade, contacting support a couple times and still unable to utilize it I give up for the final time. This is after months of having my posts eaten by a slow unresponsive server, so they really did need that upgrade. The sad part of course is that I lost my blog. I don't think I can import or anything so it's just gone. :(

The good news is that I already had this one, and I hear the html, picture posting, etc., is a whole lot easier over here. Maybe I can finally get some good pictures posted!

I'll update with the news about the family a little later.