Thursday, February 24, 2005

15 week visit - February 24

Today was "our" 15-week visit with the midwife. Measuring right according to dates (due 8/17/05) and we finally got to hear the heartbeat, which is a huge relief. She even had trouble locating it this time too, thinking perhaps the placenta is in the front blocking the sound but we finally did get to hear it. I alos had blood drawn (in 2 tries, both arms bandaged!). Next visit is in 2 weeks but only for blood for AFP, next real visit not for 4 weeks, when we will be 19 weeks. So far, weight gain is 0 as I am today back at baseline after my loss with the flu last month. I can't believe the baby will be here in less than 6 months. I'm excited but also not in any hurry and enjoying my time with just one right now, and sleeping through the night.

Zach and I went to the mall after the appointment and had lunch at McDonald's. The sun was finally out after weeks of rain and we sat in the sun to eat at a patio table. It was so nice, and he was quite well behaved for the trip. Right now he is up for his nap and I'm counting today as quite a good day so far except that I haven't gotten much work work done due to some problems connecting and will need to make up time tonight. That is okay though. I had a great day yesterday so hopefully will have a good evening work wise.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

February 23

Well, nearly a year since I created my blogger account and no entries. Coincidentally, I got a FT job right after I created my account. I left said FT job nearly a month ago and have recovered sufficiently now to begin having a life again. :-)

Today I am 15 weeks pregnant. I have an appointment tomorrow with the midwife. At the 11 week appointment we could not hear a heartbeat, but I'm not worried as I have been getting bigger and the nausea continues (unfortunately for me but a good sign of a healthy baby). I'm anxious to hear our little one on Doppler tomorrow.

Being home with Zach again is both a pleasure and a torture, depending on the day. He is doing extremely well but is still very hyper, very high needs, very spirited. On days when I am tired and nauseated, it is quite hard. He does get on my last nerve and it is hard to be a loving mommy. It is worse this week as it has rained continually. That means no playground or back yard to let off some toddler energy so I am just worn out and he is sick and tired of being inside. I pray the rain ceases soon for our sanity.

We are currently in the season of lent, and this lent I'm continuing to try to eat out less, both for budget as well as going back towards simpler living. I'm also reading the Purposeful Life (I think is the title, don't want to go upstairs to get it). There are 40 days of readings. I have had the book for a couple years but it called to me to start reading it on Ash Wednesday so I decided it was God whispering to me that it was how I should spent my 40 days.

Financially, going PT is going to be tough again, and I have renewed efforts on budgeting, coupons and general frugality. I read a lot of boards to get tips on that and am doing better. Our biggest luxury continues to be eating out but I have much more time to cook given less hours at work. The fringe benefit of course is healthier food and probably a lot less fat, cholesterol and calories. No bad for an of us.

4/7/05: Edited to change the title - Feburary 23, not August ... guess my mind was on August. :-)