Monday, July 26, 2004

First day with a blog

A blog. A new thing for me. Now, what to talk about. Guess I'll start with the obvious, Zach, my son.

Zach is just over 2 years old. He is a fairly typical 2-year-old I suppose, stubborn, onery and very much loved and appreciated for his 2-year-old emerging self. Today he is wearing a brand new outfit sewn lovingly by his grandma, red fabric covered in the favorite spots ball motifs. Very cute for the 2-year-old population. At this stage he is saying 3-word sentences, such as "Mommy lay down," directing me at naptime that he prefers I lay down on the floor next to his bed rather than getting to wander off and do my own thing. He is very pleased with himself regarding his ability to now order mommy around in a more detailed fashion. LOL.

Regarding my own day so far, I'm about to start work. I currently work 4 hours per day, for one week more, before changing to my new FT position. Scary thought after 8 months of working PT and enjoying life a little more. I'm trying to find that delicate balance of having a professional career with growth potential, a home life including lots of time for my son and husband, and a little time here and there for myself and my exercise goals.

Which brings me to another aspect of my life I am working on, fitness. I'm currently approximately 40 pounds over my ideal weight and have been for several years. I've made brief jabs at fixing it over the past few years but nothing lasting. My best progress to date has been February 2004 through the end of April, when I lost nearly 20 pounds total. Then I slacked off again, regaining about 5 pounds of that. I am not trying to recommit to exercise and realizing just how out of shape I have become once again. I have a long road. For me, consistency is the problem, and a weakness for carbs and fast food.

Well, little Zach is declaring it is time for "bubbles outside" so off we go in the precious last few minutes before I start work.