Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Handmade? Why not go custom made?

I'm going to ruminate a bit about an interesting forum thread yesterday at Etsy. It was not unique as I have seen a couple other similar posts. The originator of the post was a plus sized lady who was lamenting that more shops don't offer plus sizing in their clothing. While that is a very valid concern, it is my strong belief that she should order custom, and in fact we all should! Buying handmade is fantastic in the general sense, but you are not really utilizing that to its fullest potential if you are buying standard sized clothing from a seamstress on Etsy. You have at your fingertips talented clothing designers and seamstresses that can customize the fit to your unique body! That is the real value of handmade clothing, and I don't see it proclaimed to the world when it should be. Yes, you can get regular standard sizing clothing on Etsy too, and it certainly has its place if you need it immediately obviously. But, aside from the handmade aspect (true, a big plus), you are getting the shape and size you can get in the mall anyway, which for most of us has it's problems. Consider it. You can get something sized to your measurements, guaranteed to fit pretty much. Next time you are buying clothing on Etsy, try out public alchemy, private alchemy from a seller whose clothing you admire or convo a few people and ask if they would do a custom listing and see what a wonderful fit you really can get with something sewn just for you.

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AprilDawn said...

Good point and great idea!