Friday, January 04, 2008

Raglans for DS age 2-1/2

Raglans for DS age 2-1/2, originally uploaded by michaeldog_1999.

These are some shirts I made for Noah for Christmas and am just now blogging them. The pattern itself comes from Ottobre magazine (, which I HIGHLY recommend for children's sewing. This one is from issue 01/2003, pattern 27. I made a 98 cm size (european sizing) for Noah, and they fit very well. You can't see it very well in the photo, but their take on the raglan sleeve includes a bit of a curve in the raglan seam. This makes for a very nice lay on the shoulder wearing.

The fabrics I got from a couple of fabric co-ops. The blue space fabric came from Ressy's co-op (FabricsAndNotions on yahoo), a Siltex I believe. The transportation and Jurassic Park fabric came from Sara's coop (JoyofSewing on yahoo groups), also very high quality knit, so soft and easy to work with. As a side note, I recommend those co-ops to anyone looking for better fabrics than are available locally. We ready to increase your stash exponentially though as those ladies find some gorgeous stuff to offer. The green solid is from Wal-Mart, okay stuff but not great. It really shows it isn't that great when made into the collar band. That collar just doesn't look as nice as the others, but hey it was the color I needed and it is quite soft on his skin. The blue and brown came from, again top quality, and I recommend that site as well. by the way also has "yard sales" a couple times a year, where they discount their already low prices. That happens to be going on right now. The only hitch to that is shipping is often quite a bit slower during yard sales so be prepared to not have your fabric right away. I haven't been disappointed by the quality of anything received from them though.

Noah is very pleased with his new tops, especially since they contain no buttons. So some strange reason he is very much against wearing buttons of any type. If we try to put a shirt with buttons on him he starts yelling and fighting you getting it on him, saying "no button, no button." Last week he discovered his pants (fine up until this time) have a button for the elastic in the adjustable waistband. Now he is not liking to wear those either. Guess some plain elastic waist pants are the next thing to sew for him. I had those on the list anyway for potty training, but I'm going to move those up. I'm scratching my head on why he hates buttons so much though, even a couple on a placket and so forth. He sure is a picky little fellow about his clothing though (recall he refuses to wear any type of bib overalls either). Maybe he is destined to become a fashion designer, or just a buy who will only wear T-shirts and sweat pants. Guess time will tell. LOL.

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