Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 Resolutions/Goals

Like everyone else I have a few things I want to accomplish this year, about which I will be blogging (of course!):
  • Sewing: I want to track all fabric in and projects sewn this year. I started this last year on a spreadsheet, but it is not a complete list. And this year I'm moving it to blog form!
  • Sewing: I want to continue to craft/sew gifts for birthdays and Christmas this year as much as time permits.
  • Financial: I want to continue the plan we have been doing of paying off our van within 1 year of purchase, and hopefully the small remainder of my college loan this year, which will leave us debt free except our house ... as Dave Ramsey might say. :-) We are loosely following the Dave Ramsey plan, though we started this long ago so already have some the later steps completed and did not start with any credit card debt (having taken care of that some years ago). With three children, we just are refocusing on financial security for the entire family.
  • Health: I would like to get back into running, or at least consistent daily exercise, to improve my energy level and ability to keep up with Zach. I would like to lose a few pounds too, because hey what woman wouldn't?! LOL.
  • Health and Financial: We are continuing to focus on cooking more from scratch, eating less processed foods, more whole grains and more organics.
  • Education: We are planning to continue using Sonlight with Zach, and possibly get core A for Noah this fall (for 2 and 3 year olds). Zach will continue his homeschool PE class, and we hope to find one additional sports-related class for him weekly. We are strongly considering a martial art. We are considering a public school charter to give him a full day of interaction with others (on site one day a week), and give mom a break to be with Noah and Lily without needing focused attention on Zach and his behavioral issues.

And I probably will have more as the year goes on, but this is my focus.

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