Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ottobre slim fit pants front

This was this week's sewing, but unfortunately they came out quite a bit too large. This is from the 4/2007 issue of Ottobre, #27, "slim-fit" pants. They were not quite slim enough for Zach though. As they are large all over rather than just in one area, I think I just need to do one size or two sizes smaller and lengthen them to fit his height. I already went down one size all over and lengthened (a 110 cm tracing lengthened to 116), but I need to try the 104. I obviously did a poor job of measuring my ADHD child who dislikes being measured because he is smaller than his measurements taken! Ah well, I got the experience and practice in doing zip fly complete with a fly shield, separate waistband, belt loops, etc. --- things I definitely do not sew every day. So, I'm happy with the process if not with the result. I'm going to trace and sew a smaller pair - but maybe not just quite this week. I think I do some easy T-shirts or something first before refocusing on this. :)

By the way, the material here is a tan baby/fine wale cord from somewhere, JoAnn's actually if I recall correctly. It was decent to work with, and I like the effect of the cord in this style, a "dressy casual" if that makes sense, not really dressy but not his typical jeans or elastic waist pants either. Definitely a keeper of a pattern once I get his sizing right. These I'm going to tuck away in his box for next year, when he will hopefully have grown into them.


Novice said...

Great sew job. Really like the pattern, hard to believe it's a slim fit. (Cute belly button too) :)

Awesome Mom said...

You are a very talented seamstress! I hate sewing clothing, I usually end up swearing at the machine when it is usually me that messes up. lol