Friday, January 18, 2008

Ottobre leggings and RTW shirt

This outfit has a history. I was shopping at Babies R Us after the holidays and saw this cute lonely shirt on the clearance rack, 50% off the clearance prices, which made it about $1. I loved it but the bottoms of the set were long gone missing apparently, probably why it ended up on the clearance rack. In any case, I bought it because I loved the bright cheery red and figured I would buy or make red pants to go with it. A couple of weeks later, my mother-in-law comes over with an Eddie Bauer dress she wore only a few times after surgery and doesn't like, of a red knit of 100% cotton, and asked if I could use it. It had a full skirt and was made of a very nice knit, so I stashed it away. It occurred to me the other day that it was a very nice match for that little Pooh shirt! So today I used that dress to make these leggings. The pattern is Ottobre 1/2007 issue, #2, "striped leggings" as their title, in size 62 cm (about 3 month size). The pattern was one piece (like the Kwik Sew knit pants type if you are familiar with that). I laid it out on the skirt so that the leg of the pants would be along the hem of the dress, thus making it so I didn't even have to hem them but could reuse the existing skirt hem. I then sewed the crotch and inner leg seams and added elastic and was done - total sewing time approximately 20 minutes including cutting it out and doing the elastic. I still have a lot of the dress left as well for something else. With as much stash fabric as I have, I probably could have found a nice red interlock there too, but it is fun to stretch my imagination and reuse fabrics, with the added benefit this time of the nice existing hem that could be reused. :)

For those interested in seeing the original garment, photo is here:

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