Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Christmas sewing

Library bag for Noah, originally uploaded by michaeldog_1999.

This I actually finished last week but am just posting. I had a small scrap of this tools motif canvas fabric left from another project so I decided to make Noah is own library book bag. The bag dimensions are pretty small (don't have it handy to measure), but it will hold 2 or 3 of his little books or chunky board books he likes to check out. This will allow him to be just like big brother with his own bag!

For the bag for anyone interested, it is very very simple to make a bag like this. You need 2 pieces of fabric the size you want the bag to be plus seam allowances. I actually used one large rectangular piece and the left side of the bag does not have a seam (i.e., I folded the rectangle land sewed the bottom and the other side). For this bag I did do French seams so the inside looked nice and finished and would not ravel. To do this, sew the seams first WRONG sides together with a scant 1/4 inch seam or less, using your judgement honestly based on the type of material and raveling properties. Then turn the bag RIGHT sides together and sew your seams again, usually 1/4 inch, 5/8 inch or whatever you feel appropriate, just making sure it is larger than your first seam. This will enclose the original seam inside the new one, leaving only finished edges. At the top, I turn down 1-3 inches (depending on the size of the bag, what looks good visually) and sew the hem all the way around. Then I attach the handles. This time I used purchased nylon webbing handles. I got the nylon webbing from Joanns Fabrics when they were 50% off. When the "notions wall" is on sale, so is the webbing. It's a great time to stock up then!

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