Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fatal flaw with Homeschoolblogger - or maybe just with me

Ok, I admit it: I really really stink at easily and conveniently linking photos into my blog. I actually had to email myself detailed instructions, which I then reread every single time I need to link a photo to my blog if I use anything but photobucket. I don't really like using photobucket as much as I like to use Flickr, so that is a big problem.

Then, today, I discovered something amazing - the "blog this" button on my Flickr photo. Huh? I clicked it (of course!) to see what that did. I can link my blog directly to Flickr and make my life a whole lot easier?! But wait, only a selection of blog sites are supported by it, blogger being one and homeschoolblogger not being one. Well that is a bit of a deal breaker on continuing to do most of my posting over at homeschoolblogger. I'll keep it and maybe do my regular and sewing posts here and homeschool blogging there? I don't know yet but this whole Flickr photo thing is fantastic - expect to see a lot of kid photos and sewing projects now! :-)

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