Monday, March 17, 2008

Why spelling is important.

So on Saturday, Rich, the kids and I went to IKEA for breakfast (99 cents!) followed by some shopping to pick up some new glass cups. We were in line for the breakfast when the signage caught our eye. It said "Swedish Craps 3 for $2.99." I kid you not. It was the type hand lettered on a chalk board. More remarkable was the fact that 3 separate IKEA employees handled the sign and looked at it in hanging it and none appeared to note anything amiss. Now all of us in line were noticing, and DH, geek that he is, tried to snap a picture of it with his camera phone, but alas it did not come out. One women in the line delicately hinted that are those Swedish crepes? - making a strong emphasis on the word crepes of course. The employee looked at her as if she were insane and couldn't she see they were?! My attention was distracted by the kids for a little bit (after all we are trying to get 3 kids through this line) and when I looked back someone had apparently come right out and told them it was spelled wrong and what the original sign said. They were in the process of getting the sign down, which they had put up not 2 minutes earlier, and getting it quickly to the back. So I wonder, does their sign person truly have bad spelling skills or was this deliberate (ie perhaps he quit later that day and this was his last laugh)? In any case, Rich and I got a chuckle with our breakfast.

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Rich said...

It was even worse: "Sedish Craps"! The picture came out; I have proof!

Seditious Craps: the treasonous casino game coming to a Ikea near you!