Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spam time, aka new items in my Etsy shop

Okay, so it has been a rough few days in my personal life and sewing is my relaxation, so I have new items in my shop as a consequence! Now, who can't use a nice toddler bib or two. Go on, go take a look. :)

Seriously, sales are slow but I'm still new to Etsy and it gives me such pleasure to create. I have discovered trading at Etsy too so while we may not have actual cash from it we will have plenty of other handmade items to use. LOL. There are tons of jewelry sellers (I traded for earrings), soap sellers (haven't found a good trading partner for that yet), knitted items (I traded for organic cotton yarn knitted face cloths), on and on. Yes, the barter system is alive and well on over at Etsy.

I'm off to do some gardening before it is too hot to do anything.

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