Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I won!

A few posts ago I told you about all the contests going on at the Bloggy Carnival. Well, I won something, and something wonderful too! From Tara I won three Bum Genius all-in-one diapers! I have really been wanting to try these so this is really, really exciting. Yes, cloth diapers are exciting in this household with 2 in diapers. The good news is they are a really really creative design on the pocket diaper to make it one size. The bad news is that they do not fit Noah. He is really big for his size though and pushing the upper limits of the recommended weights (8 to 35) pounds, as he is 32 pounds essentially. The good news is that they fit Lily quite nicely at the smallest snap position. I have to say though she is at least 12 pounds at 3 pounds, and these would not have fit her at all at 8 pounds. They would have been huge on her even at the smallest snap position, but then the same is true of our usual Motherease one-size too. That is what you get with a "one size" I think - one size fits most but not ALL! In any case, for any cloth diapering mommies out there, I highly recommend these. The fleece inner is nice and keeps skin dry, and the microfiber insert is very absorbant, which equals few to no leaks, always a good thing huh?

In any case, again, my thanks to Tara for giving these away, and to all the bloggers who participated in the Bloggy Carnival. I have since subscribed to several new blogs and am reading away. :)

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