Monday, February 25, 2008

Alternative to paypal?

I was alerted earlier in the month to a good viable alternative to paypal called Revolution Money Exchange. Honestly when it comes to moving money around online I'm pretty conservative, so I let everyone else do it first. haha. Anyway, several people have reiterated to me great luck with it for the past month in transactions, especially for sellers on Hyena Cart and Etsy, or through the online forums. It works really wonderfully apparently for buyers/sellers who sell the occasional item in the forum or buy the occasional item, with neither party really wanting to pay feels associated with most Paypal accounts. It is through an actual bank, and you can choose to tie your own bank account to it or not, at your preference. The best thing? Through Feb 29 when you sign up you get $25 deposited in your account. Yes, REAL MONEY that you can then go spend however you want to. I finally did give in and get an account and get my $25 too. Give it a shot. And, yes, they do have a referral program whereby the person who referred you gets $10 if you sign up (you still get the $25 either way). If you need a referral, contact me (include an email address where you can at least receive the invite) and I'll send you a link! I gave my referral to the person who first told me about it, a happy buyer/seller. :)

We'll see if they are really able to compete with Paypal (which is owned by Ebay in case you didn't know that) in the long term. In the meantime though, I'll enjoy my incentive and give it a shot as I have disagreed recently with a lot of Ebay's policy changes and Paypal fees being raised.

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