Sunday, December 08, 2013

Homer and other Greek thoughts

For the past several weeks, the kids and I have been looking at Ancient Greece.  This is our second time through, Zach at least having done this roughly 5 years ago.  Obviously, he was very young and we didn't have the tagalongs we do currently.  I needed the same simple myths he did as an intro for Lily and, to some degree Noah, but also more in depth resources for an older and much more educated Zach.  Hence, we this time dove into "The Children's Homer" by Padraic Colum.  Not sure I will do this again.

Whew. If I did this again, I think I would get an audio version. The translator/author of this version clearly did not like commas. With complex syntax at times, and sentences that can wrap several lines of text, a few commas here and there would have really really helped this mom and her kids keep the flow of thought together during this read-aloud.

That said, it was a good version for my 3rd and 6th graders who were new to Homer other than very simplified/picture book versions. This was our "middle of the road" version for them, having done Greece a few years ago with the picture book tales. So, they came into it knowing the stories in brief. It does have illustrations (simple line drawings) each chapter. The story is understandable, with the very occasional vocabulary word new to my kids ("affrighted" being an example).

A good choice but not outstanding to us.

Next week we are moving back into Egypt for later empires.  I'm more than ready for a break from Greece after this book.  But, we'll be back to the Greeks soon enough.  :)

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