Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kiwi Crate for Lily

We got Lily a 3-month Kiwi Crate subscription as part of her birthday.  We got our first kit and have been working on it.  After trying it, I have to say I do like it a lot for her.  She is 6, so at the upper end of their recommended age range of 3-7.  Noah (8) did it with her actually and liked it also.  Eden at 3 was a bit too young IMHO.  We have the Modern art one this month.  It came with a toy, booklet about some modern artists with activities, painting and a mobile this month.  It was educational and fun for her.  We took about a week to do it, going over the artists presented and styles, then doing the activities provided and also suggested in the booklet.  It could easily have been expanded to a month-long study of modern art (or longer) very very easily.  The painting was a tad messy, but that is art.  So there is my opinion.  :)

In the photo, they are working on the painting.  As we have a kit for one, I added to the paint.  Every single thing needed for one child to do it came in the kit though, scissors, paintbrush, everything.  No need to hunt through the house for supplies.  In this one, they had a canvas, added the special tape (not too sticky), painted their created squares and removed the tape to create a modern color block.  It was loved by all for sure.  

I do have a referral link, but honestly you might want to consider waiting in case they have another Living Social or similar program deal to test it out.

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