Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random typical homeschooling day

I saw on another blog a homeschooler challenging homeschool bloggers to post their average day minute by minute. I honestly considered it, but just didn't have that much energy (shame on me) for a complete day. And in typical fashion I can no longer find the original blog to link back to it. Blech. I do read other homeschooling blogs for inspiration, ideas and just to feel like not everyone is perfect! I love seeing other people's school rooms or work areas, so I am sharing ours on a typical day, i.e., I didn't clean it up first!

Our space was a dining room in a former life, like before kids and homeschooling. I love that we have tons of light through 2 windows and a sliding door. And, well, that same light makes for a bad photo from the angle I used. Oh well. The littles can be out on the play structure too, and I can see them while supervising the ones inside. The desk belongs to DS age 8, DS age 5 at the table on the far end and DD age 3 bops from her coffee table full of work boxes and a space at the table for coloring. DD age 4 months likes a sunny patch on the floor for her tummy time now days. The computer and my area are on the far right in the photo.

Closer view of two hard at work coloring, at least until I broke out the camera.

Eden hard at work examining her toy and building her strength in her head and back via tummy time.

And Zach working hard at his desk. He tends towards a really messy desk unless I force him to clean it. This is clean for him.

And this is how we spend our homeschooling days.

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