Tuesday, April 21, 2009

YES, a cleanser that doesn't give me a headache.

I suffer from severe migraines, and scents can trigger one, such as perfumes, added scent to things, etc. Home cleaning products are some of the strongest scents around. Typically I'm okay, but sometimes some products really trigger a whopper of a migraine. And I never know what products will do it, which makes me a bit cautious on some new products, even though I do love scents in my home.

Through Bzz Agent I got to try the new Natures Source Cleaners. These are FANTASTIC! Really, I would buy these again even without the free coupons. Maybe even without a coupon. Maybe even without a sale at the grocery store. Okay, maybe I would wait for a sale. I'm frugal after all. LOL

Seriously though, these cleansers are really nice. There is little to no scent at all. Your house just smells clean, as in absence of stink rather than presence of perfumey scent. There is a bathroom clean, toilet cleaner, general purpose cleaner and window cleaner. I have tried them all, and had very good results with all of them. And honestly our house gets pretty dirty. We have 3 small children, one dog and are home most of the time since we homeschool. Our house takes a beating, and these cleaners did an excellent job cleaning it up again. As an example from today I moved the chest freezer to clean under it - YUCK. It was gross down there on the linoleum, truly nasty. I spritzed on the general purpose cleaner, waited a few minutes and scrubbed it with a rag, no elbow grease or scrubby sponge required.

I haven't even mentioned that these are good for the environment, something we all need to be concerned about. Many of the older cleansers really shouldn't be in the water cycle, going down your drain to be treated and out to the ocean. These cleaners are biodegradable. So they work great, smell good and are ok for the environment. Definitely good stuff.

I know I sound like a commercial, but these are nice. Give them a try yourself - they are also often on sale at the supermarket and there were coupons in last week's paper so they won't break the budget either. :)

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Mark Antony said...

Try steam cleaning. It's effective, and no horrible cleaning smells or poisonous chemicals.