Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Myah's Funeral

I originally wrote this into my planner but wanted to preserve it in my blog:

Today was Myah's funeral. David spoke and it was beautiful. I would not have had the composure to speak but he talked about his baby girl and how much he loved her. Her "accident" was on Feb 8 and she died on 3/17. She lived 30 days in hospice. Most were wearing pink in celebration of Myah's color. We went gravesid and that casket was so tiny. The priest reminded us all we do not know how long we have - every day is precious. I am so sorry I never met her prior to her time in hospice, but she touched my live nonetheless. Due to her I have made so many changes in my life and am so much more aware of every day with my own children and my family. Life will not wait for excessive work and business of day to day life. I now create time every day to be with them. Even if they outlive me, they will not be with me every day as children forever.

This morning Noah "babbled" for the first time --- mamamama, gagagaga, etc. He still has no teeth. He sits briefly alone and still loves to be held close and cries when down. He is calmer than Zach was, and smaller I think.

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