Wednesday, June 08, 2005


A few days again. Each day I think about things I want to record in my blog but lose track of time and then am so anxious to get to bed each night that I put it off another day.

Okay, pregnancy update: Had a really bad day Monday, exhausted, felt like crud, BH contractions, exhaustion, struggled to breathe. Yesterday, much better. Today I feel good again. I focus on hydration and eat many light meals and have switched over to Ovaltine or breakfast replacement drinks for breakfast, to get my fluids plus some vitamins without solid food as it makes me breathless in the morning. Doing better and feel better. Sciatica/groin pain is still a big problem. At 30 weeks today and scale is up 15 pounds from original weight (up 20 pounds from lowest weight during pregnancy). I have another appointment tomorrow with a sono to check fetal growth. I'm anxious to see Noah again on the sono and am anxious to hear what position he is in. Given how much more comfortable I am than with Zach I'm guessing he is head down and doing well. Still little to zero swelling or water retention so that is great for me. Sleep is more and more of a problem, both waking to use the potty and just getting comfortable in my hips. That will be with me until the end I know.

Rich is on travel again, left last night and gone until Friday. I miss him. Zach behaved well today but it usually hits hard on the second day Rich is gone so we will see. I hope for the best. At least it is within the US so he can call often and talk to Zach. That makes a big difference.

We are week 1 of Amy's Themed Schedule for Sonlight, doing farms. Zach is enjoying the stories and enjoying the extra attention. Having a schedule helps me make sure I am reading to him as much as I want to so I like that. Zach doesn't like switching from book to book so I may adjust the schedule to accommodate that. I think it is more of the spirited child having trouble making transitions. He wants to stick with the book he has and that is okay. We also chose farm books from the library to read. He loved the story by James Herroit last night we read (the title of which I forget and am too lazy to wander upstairs to get it). It was longest but it held his attention. I love James Herroit myself so will watch for an anthology for kids used.

In my own reading, I'm reading "Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery: A Journey of Original Seeking" by David H. Albert. It is very, very good. I am about 1/3 of the way through it. It is obviously written by a well educated and interesting person who loves his children. It is more the unschooling line of though but I enjoy it nonetheless and am getting a lot out of it. The discussion about math and letting the children explore was fabulous. I can hear the author's enthusiam about life and learning and that is a joy to read, a joy and enthusiasm he obviously passed on to his children as well from his description of them. That is what I want for Zach.

I'm also reading "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis. This one is also interesting and one I have wanted to read for a while. I'm about 50 pages into it and will probably read it more than once (not right after each other though). It is due at the library next week so I have to hurry up on this one. It will be worth another read though as I miss some due to interruptions and inability to focus 100% during reading. It definitely requires thought and pondering, more so than Zach allows me a lot of the time.

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