Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Book Review: Who was Here?: Discovering Wild Animal Tracks

For those kids who loved the little board books of who owns that tail or ears or eyes with a picture and then you guess and turn the page, there is this offering of a book for the older set. On each page is a picture of a footprint left in sand, mud, snow, etc., and clues about the animal. Then, you turn the page, and you are given a paragraph of factual information regarding the animal such as weight, habitat, body characteristics and so forth. Some pages have two sets of animal tracks typically seen together, such as a wolf and moose, with clues for both and then info for both on the next pages. This was just the first amount of text for my K-age and 3rd grade children, and they really enjoyed this book a lot. I loved the illustrations myself too. It was a great evening read for us and would be excellent for a classroom or homeschool study of animal footprints or animal habitats.

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