Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Book Review: Know the Parts of a Book by Janet Piehl

In this picture book, we meet Will, who is interested in frogs. He wants to find a good book about frogs. We look through a book with him, learning the parts of a book.

Topics covered include the usual table of contents, index, title page, glossary and so forth as well as the truly basic such as what is a cover and spine, back cover, that are not as typically covered (probably because some consider them obvious - but hey not every kid thinks so).

Each 2-page spread has a nice clear photo and text that is not overwhelming for the early elementary age group (typically when this is covered for children, preK to probably grade 1 or later for review/remedial). Text is large enough to read aloud to a classroom easily, held aloft. The book topic vocabulary words are set off in a contrast color to pick them out easily.

This is a great book for independently-reading kids or teacher/child combinations who thrive on a book to facilitate learning any topic. Lots of kids thrive on going to the library and having a book in hand while listening to the instructor about the topic. Other kids want a book with pictures to learn about books. A book to describe the properties of a book - funny huh? I have one child like this. He wants a book on a topic, not just to hear it, and this is perfect for him and others like him.

Of teacher use by the way, this book is perfect as a little reference for the early years to use after you read it to refer to while doing a lapbook or notebook page about the parts of a book if you are covering them.  The amount of information is just about right for that, with nothing too exhausting for the younger ones.  My 7yo and 5yo both enjoyed it, and my 2yo even liked to look over at the large pictures.  

I received an ecopy of this book for review from Netgalley.

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