Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lapbooking with a first grader

I'm sharing these photos after someone on a message board asked to see actual photos of lapbooks done by a K or 1st grader, without help really.  So many lapbooks I see online look so beautiful that I never posted pictures of ours because honestly .... they are not so beautiful except to their owners.  I aid in the learning of the material and what should be done, but I do zero of the cutting, folding, glueing, coloring or writing for my kids.  If they want to know how to spell something, I will write it on our whiteboard for them to copy, but they do the actual writing in their books.  So here is a "Busy as a Beaver" lapbook from Hands of a Child done by a 6yo boy, 1st grader, in the first semester of the year.  He struggles with fine motor (which, hey, you might have guessed looking at the photos).  However, he adored making this and learning more about beavers.  It was a great fit for his learning level, and the pack included either blank templates for the child to write in, or the ones we used where the child traced what was already written.  I love that it had adaptions for ability.

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