Monday, March 14, 2011


I love Snickerdoodle cookies. A month or two back, Krusteaz brand was running lots of promotions on their cookie line mixes, including in store deals and coupons. At Ralphs locally, the store deal with the coupon combined to make the mixes free. So of course I have pantry full of the mixes now, since I love coupon deals. In any case, we are slowly using those mixes up. Thank goodness they are fairly tasty, right? Today I made up another box of them as cookies, but was contemplating just how incredibly much of the cinnamon sugar mix they include in the box to roll the dough in. Seriously, it is 3x the amount needed! We don't eat cinnamon sugar toast or anything that typically uses that kind of mix, and I hated to waste it. It finally occurred to me how best to use up that premixed cinnamon and sugar in our house ... the oatmeal cinnamon bread from TheFrugalGirl we love so much. So today I made 2 loaves of the bread plus the 2 dozen cookies, and that little packet in the boxed mix provided just the right amount of cinnamon sugar mix for all three. I love it.

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