Monday, June 01, 2009

A Work in Progress and a Look Back

Yard in progress, originally uploaded by WeeBeaks.

I snapped this picture from my office/sewing area the other day. Here is our lower patio. You can see where the kids play if I'm sewing or in the office. I can see them and hear them through the window right there. They love to play down there.

Beyond that is the area where our little sprigs of chamomile ground cover is starting to fill in. The left side got planted a month or so before the right so it is filling in more.

The next tiers have our roses. The smell is soooo sweet out there. All the regular size roses are very fragrant. I pick mine based on smell! LOL Tucked in between we have some of my father-in-laws mini roses and some lavender plants. The uppermost slope is still very much awaiting attention.

For the look back, I grabbed a photo when they are working on it, digging the trench for the wall. Rich and his dad did an incredible job didn't they?

Yard "before" picture

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Helen said...

our yard is like this too -- tiered. can't quite figure what to do with it sometimes..