Friday, March 13, 2009

Poor Lily with a boo-boo

Poor Lily with a boo-boo, originally uploaded by WeeBeaks.

Lily was cruising around the office on Tuesday, tripped and fell. Unfortunately, there was a hard metal object between her head and the floor and she hit it. She had a deep gash in her eyebrow. After calling her pediatrician, it was determined she likely needed stitches. I called Rich, and he took her to Children's Hospital ER while I stayed with Zach and Noah at home. My poor baby did need stitches. They sewed her up and put the strips on there. Thank goodness, they are disolvable and the paper strips will fall off on their own. I can't imagine her having to go to the doc to have them snipped out in a few weeks from now. She, remarkably, has left the whole area alone the last couple days and hasn't been pulling at the strips or her stitches. Hopefully she will heal up quickly. Poor little thing.

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