Thursday, August 21, 2008


Joey and Michael

Joey is our younger dog, pictured in the photo on the left. He is 100+ pounds of complete mut, and he has been with the family nearly 10 years now. He started limping on Monday. I thought it must be something in his paw or that he had developed hip problems given that he is huge and getting old. It wasn't. He has been diagnosed with bone cancer, osteosarcoma. His prognosis is pain medication and 6-8 weeks to live. We are struggling with that this week. Our older dog, Michael, on the right is much older and we honestly think probably doesn't have more than a year or so. I never never thought Joey would go first. So now we wait, keep him comfortable, give him extra pats and love and say our good-byes.


palleikodesigns said...

I will be keeping your family in my thoughts as you move through this difficult time. May the universe wrap your beloved friend in her arms to protect him and guide him during the difficult path ahead.

AlliesAdornments said...

I can't say anything more beautiful than what Heather said above. My thoughts are with you and yours, and I'm glad that you have had this special pet with you for such a long time.
Many ehugs!